Sunday, July 25, 2010

Art Live/work

It can be so rewarding to live in a building of artists. If I hang out with them I usually run to grab a pen and paper to write down a new idea for some project. This is so important in my life! But my rent isn't rent-controlled, and someday in the next year or two I will have to move on. I have gone through this inevitable move so many times before, and I end up losing a lot of my work in the process (items too large or oddly shaped to move). If I could just stay where I am for ten years, then I may be able to keep my work and nurture the friendships with the other artists in this building and artist professionals. But that isn't realistic, and even though I am in Grad school for film, I expect that with this economy I will be funding my own documentaries for a while. At least mini-DVs take up less room than a sculpture (though not as tactile). My situation isn't unusual. While there are a few low-income live/work spaces for artists there are not enough, and often times the rent isn't low enough or controlled, so it keeps on rising. It's worse in Seattle (where I was previously), where the demand is so much higher and therefore the rents are out of control (if there are any spaces available at all)!

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